At the conclusion of its February 10, 2022, board meeting, Marta Gutman (City College of New York) became the 17th President of SACRPH. The board approved a President-elect and new board members to lead the organization.

Guadalupe García (Tulane University) is SACRPH’s President-Elect.

New board members are: Eliana Abu-Hamdi (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Julian C. Chambliss (Michigan State University), Jerry González (University of Texas at San Antonio), Susanna Schaller (City College of New York), Morris “Mo” Speller (Johns Hopkins University), Bruce Stephenson (Rollins College), and Domenic Vitiello (University of Pennsylvania). 

New co-editors of the Journal of Planning History are: Brent D. Ryan (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), and Sanjeev Vidyarthi (University of Illinois, Chicago).

Click here for complete description of the SACRPH board and current leadership.


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