Catherine Bauer Wurster Prize Winners
Awarded to the best scholarly article on American planning history published in the past two years

2017: Brian D. Goldstein, “‘The Search for New Forms’: Black Power and the Making of the Postmodern City,” Journal of American History 103, no. 2 (September 2016): 375-399.
2015: A.K. Sandoval-Strausz, “Latino Landscapes: Postwar Cities and the Transnational Origins of a New Urban America,” Journal of American History 101, no. 3 (December 2014): 804-831.
2013: Martin Meeker, “The Queerly Disadvantaged and the Making of San Francisco’s War on Poverty, 1964-1967,” Pacific Historical Review 81, no. 1 (January 2012): 21-59.
2011: Jennifer S. Light, “Nationality and Neighborhood Risk at the Origins of FHA Underwriting,” Journal of Urban History 36, no. 5 (September 2010): 634–671.
2009: Domenic Vitiello, “Machine Building and City Building: Urban Planning and Industrial Restructuring in Philadelphia, 1894-1928,” Journal of Urban History 34 no. 3 (March 2008): 399-434.
2007: Michael E. Smith, “Form and Meaning in the Earliest Cities: A New Approach to Ancient Urban Planning,” Journal of Planning History 6, no. 1 (Feb. 2007): 3-47.
Honorable Mention
Guian McKee “Blue Sky Boys, Professional Citizens, and Knights in Shining Money: Philadelphia’s Penn Center Project and the Constraints of Private Development,” Journal of Planning History 6, no. 1 (Feb. 2007): 48-80.
2005: Joseph Heathcott and Maire A. Murphy, “Corridors of Flight, Zones of Renewal: Industry, Planning, and Policy in the Making of Metropolitan St. Louis, 1940-1980,” Journal of Urban History 31, no. 2 (Jan. 2005): 151-189.
2003: Richard Harris and Tricia Shulist, “Build Your Own Home: State-Assisted Self-Help Housing in Canada, 1942-75,” Planning Perspectives 17, no. 4 (2002): 345-372.
1999: Raphael Fischler, “The Metropolitan Dimension of Early Zoning: Revising the 1916 New York City Ordinance,” Journal of the American Planning Association 64, no. 2 (Spring 1998): 170-188.
Kingston Heath, “The Howland Mill Village: A Missing Chapter in Model Workers Housing,” Old-Time New England 75 (1997): 64-111.
1997: Thomas Hanchett, “U.S. Tax Policy and Shopping Center Development in the 1950s and 1960s,” American Historical Review 101, no. 4 (Oct. 1996): 1082-1110.
1995: Raymond A. Mohl, “Making the Second Ghetto in Metropolitan Miami, 1940-1960,” Journal of Urban History 21, no. 3 (March 1995): 395-427.
1993: Sy Adler, “The Transformation of the Pacific Electric Railway: Bradford Snell, Roger Rabbit, and the Politics of Transportation in Los Angeles,” Urban Affairs Quarterly 27, no. 1 (Sept. 1991): 51-86.
1989: Christopher Silver, “Urban Planning in the New South,” Journal of Planning Literature 2, no. 4 (Autumn 1987): 371-383.

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