The Society for American City and Regional Planning History (SACRPH) is an interdisciplinary organization dedicated to promoting scholarship on the planning of cities and metropolitan regions over time, and to bridging the gap between the scholarly study of cities and the practice of urban planning. The organization’s members come from a range of professions and areas of interest, and include historians, architects, planners, environmentalists, landscape designers, public policy makers, preservationists, community organizers, and students and scholars from across the country and around the world.

In addition to sponsoring the biennial National Conference on Planning History, the Society grants prizes and awards for outstanding accomplishments in American planning history, research, teaching, and publication; provides student research awards; produces a bi-monthly newsletter; and publishes the quarterly Journal of Planning History.

SACRPH is a tax-exempt and not-for profit organization incorporated in Ohio in 1986 and accepts tax-deductible dues and gifts. The Society is governed by a Board of Trustees and serves approximately 300 members in the United States and abroad.

Executive Officers

President: Guadalupe García, University of California San Diego
Past-President: Marta Gutman, City College of New York
President-Elect: Francesca Russello Ammon, University of Pennsylvania
Executive Secretary: Bruce Stephenson, Rollins College
Treasurer: D. Bradford Hunt, Loyola University Chicago
Ex Officio as JPH Editors: Brent Ryan, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Board Members

Eliana Abu-Hamdi, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (2021-2018)

Julian C. Chambliss, Michigan State University (2021-2028)

Alex Sayf Cummings, Georgia State University (2019-2026)

Stephanie Frank, University of Missouri-Kansas City (2019-2026)

Evan Friss, James Madison University (2019-2026)

Paige Glotzer, University of Florida (2019-2026)

Jerry González, University of Texas at San Antonio (2021-2028)

Willow Lung-Amam, University of Maryland, College Park (2017-2024)

Rosemary Ndubuizu, Georgetown University (2019-2026)

Meredith Drake Reitan, University of Southern California (2019-2026)

Stephanie Ryberg-Webster, Cleveland State University (2017-2024)

J. Mark Souther, Cleveland State University (2017-2024)

Susanna Schaller, City College of New York (2021-2028)

Morris Speller, Johns Hopkins University (2021-2028)

Domenic Vitiello, University of Pennsylvania (2021-2028)

Former Presidents and Board Members

More than 75 individuals have served as board members and officers since SACRPH began more than a quarter century ago.  For a summary of the society’s founders, past presidents, and current and former directors, see this listing of the organization’s past leadership.

Contact Information

Paige Glotzer

Communications Director