Francois Auguste de Montequin Prize Winners

Awarded to the best conference paper on the topic of North American colonial planning history.

2013Benjamin Sacks, Princeton University, "Constructing the West Indies: Utopian Island Plans and Sustainable Development in the Ceded Islands, 1763-1783."
2005Richard Harris, University of Toronto, "The Evolution of British Housing Policy in the Colonial Caribbean, 1929-1960s."
2003Thomas Campanella, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, "City by the Sea: The Origins and Influence of the 1643 Plan for Gravesend, Brooklyn."
1999Martha McNamara, University of Maine, “Courts and Commerce: Public Space in Eighteenth-Century Massachusetts.”

Honorable Mention:
Michael T. Lewis, University of Maryland, “A Rare and Occasional Settlement: An Historical and Archaeological Interpretation of Colonial Town Planning at Mount Calvert, Maryland.”

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