SACRPH officers and Board members condemn the Executive Order signed by President Donald Trump on January 27th banning entry to the U.S. for non-citizens from seven predominantly Muslim countries. We are also alarmed by recent official statements targeting other groups such as LGBTQ, Dreamers, immigrants and women.

As scholars of the built environment, urban history, and public policy we are acutely aware of violations in our nation’s past against minorities such as the Chinese Exclusion Act, the Executive Order sending Japanese-Americans to internment camps, and the refusal of Jewish refugees from Nazi Germany. Our members have documented the many ethnic and racial injusticies that have impacted our cities and neighborhoods. We believe that learning from the past is the first step in preventing similar abuses in the future. Accordingly, our organization is committed to values of diversity, inclusivity, and mutual respect. The executive order violates all of these.

As teachers and researchers we believe that our intellectual and scholarly lives have been enriched by students, researchers, and professionals from around the world. Refugees have made important contributions to our field. Our organization and its members are connected to global networks of scholarship. Freedom of travel in all directions is essential to the work that we do. All of these are threatened by the executive order. It is critical that the United States continues to welcome people of all backgrounds and nationalities. This is fundamental both to free intellectual inquiry and to our democracy.

SACRPH remains committed to maintaining an inclusive and diverse body of international scholars and to fighting against unjust and divisive actions.


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