At the conclusion of its November 2, 2019, board meeting, Nancy Kwak became SACRPH’s 16th President. The board approved a President-elect and new board members to lead the organization.

Marta Gutman (City University of New York) is SACRPH’s President-Elect.

New Board members are Alex Sayf Cummings (Georgia State University), Stephanie Frank (University of Missouri-Kansas City), Evan Friss (James Madison University), Guadalupe García (Tulane University), Paige Glotzer (University of Wisconsin – Madison), Rosemary Ndubuizu (Georgetown University), and Meredith Drake Reitan (University of Southern California).

Board members completing six year terms are Francesca Rusello Ammon (University of Pennsylvania), Richard Harris (McMaster University), Carola Hein (Delft University of Technology), Matthew Gordon Lasner (Hunter College), Robert Lewis (University of Toronto), Elizabeth MacDonald (University of California, Berkeley), Suleiman Osman (George Washington University), and Rachel Weber (University of Illinois, Chicago).

Click here for complete description of the SACRPH board and current leadership.


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