The leadership and members of SACRPH extend their sincere condolences to Eugenie L. Birch, founding member and past organization president, on the loss of her husband of 53 years, Robert Salisbury Birch, in early February 2022.  Bob grew up around the New York City stock market, and following his education, receiving first a degree in political science from Brown University and then an MBA at Cornell University, he engaged in a highly successful career on Wall Street spanning 55 years.  

Genie and Bob, generous in every possible manner, opened their home on Cape Cod to friends and colleagues from SACRPH. Bob was famous for giving houseguests a gift—a hat, bag, or shirt emblazoned with the family motto, “Melius suspendi est ut lupom quam ovem” – “Better be hung for a wolf than a sheep”. He was known for his skill and shrewdness at tennis and croquet, and one member of SACRPH experienced his croquet firsthand skills firsthand, remembering them as exemplary.

SACRPH has been the recipient of the generosity of the Birch family, with gifts that continue to support the activities of students and student travel to conferences, and endowed the David. P. Schuyler Fund.  The family has also supported the Bourne Conservation Trust on Cape Cod, an important land conservation group, speaking to their environmental concerns. Those who had the opportunity to meet Bob, including those who attended some of the SACRPH leadership retreats back in the early 2000s where he accompanied Genie, experienced his wit, joviality and engaging spirit.  We share in the Birch family remembrance of a life well lived.


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