SACRPH 2022 – Registration

We have endeavored to keep costs down both as a benefit to our members and as a way to minimize financial risk for the organization. To that end, registration fees vary by conference activity and delivery mode. Virtual-only presenters for the Thursday panels pay a reduced rate. Each Friday tour has its own price. Fees for Saturday (with reduced rates for members, students, and independent scholars) include the in-person panels, a lunch plenary, and evening awards reception. Those who register for Saturday do not have to pay an additional fee for the virtual panels.

Registration Fees for SACRPH 2022 are as follows:

Registration Type By Sept 6 After Sept 6
SACRPH Member – Thurs & Sat $195 $235
Non-Member – Thurs & Sat *$265 *$320
Students and Independent Scholars – Thurs & Sat *$125 *$150
Virtual Presenter only – Thurs $50 $60
Accompanying Person – Sat $125 $150
Individual Tour – Fri $32 $40

* Registration for Non-Members, Students, and Independent Scholars includes a one-year membership in SACRPH and a one-year subscription to the Journal of Planning History, a $70 value.

Registration is now open!

Frequently Asked Questions:

What goes into conference fees?

We have been working hard to reduce conference fees as we know this can be a heavy lift for some scholars. We have been fortunate in that our current president is also the dean of the site for our conference – and we have chosen to move away from hotels and conference venues. This year, your conference fee pays for lunch, break-time food, a reception, projection and other rental equipment, and the relatively modest fees associated with the use of facilities at City College. Historically, SACRPH conferences tend to come out even from a budgetary perspective. Any extras are rolled over into operating expenses.

How does SACRPH pay for its operating expenses?

We rely on membership fees and generous donations to pay for operating expenses (including website, banking, and financial services) as well as costs associated with the Journal of Planning History.
SACRPH does not pay its President or any of the conference planning chairs for their extensive service, and we have no paid staff members.

When is the deadline by which conference speakers must register?

All speakers listed in the program must register by Labor Day, September 5th.

Is there a fee to attend virtual events only?

No. Attendance at the Thursday virtual panels is free to all audience members; only presenters must register. The Thursday night hybrid keynote (held in-person at Spitzer and live-streamed online) is also free to attend. Links to virtual events will be posted to the Virtual SACRPH 2022 page in early October.

Can I register for the Conference and select Tours later?

Yes. After registration opens, feel free to return to the Registration page at a later date to select tours.

Can I book a tour without registering for the rest of the conference?

Yes, it is possible to sign up separately for one or more tours without registering for the paper sessions.

Can I bring an accompanying person to attend paper sessions, events, and meals on Saturday?

Yes. To register your accompanying person, please register yourself and look for the “add guest” button at the bottom of the Registration Information page. The registration fee for an accompanying person is $125 (or $150 after Labor Day), and includes all Saturday meals and events. Tours (held on Friday) are extra.

What is SACRPH’s refund policy?

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer refunds for conference registrations.

When do Late Registration Fees kick in?

Late registration begins at 12:01pm EST on Tuesday, September 6 (the day after Labor Day)



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